Menus are subject to change.  (V) Vegan | (GF) Gluten Free | * Can be V and/or GF



*Aunt Trippo’s Falafel  8
pickled cabbage, curry yogurt, charred onion, tomato salsa (GF)

Grilled Beets  8
feta, date honey, scallions (GF)

Black Cumin Cauliflower  8
cauliflower on tahini topped with tomato salsa and black cumin seeds (V/GF)

Grilled Veggies  8
grilled seasonal veggies, sumac, smoked paprika aioli (GF)

Crazy Baba 8
charred eggplant, feta and basil with grilled pita bread

Shishito Peppers  9
Spanish-style black eyed beans salad, smoked paprika aioli (GF)

Hummus  7
Any 3 Small Zi’s  22
Soup of the Day  9



Charred Beet & Lentil 14
finely chopped root veggies, raw tahini, date honey (GF/V)

*Fattoush 16
fresh and roasted veggies, feta, za’atar, pita croutons

*Grilled Artichoke & Cauliflower  13
cherry tomato, garlic confit, Greek yogurt or tahini (GF)

Labane Za’atar 14
labane cheese za’atar and fresh summer veggies (GF)

Mediterranean Ceviche 16



Zizi Hummus 15
grilled seasonal veggies, chickpeas

Hummus Masabacha 14
warm ground chickpeas, grilled tomato, tahini, preserved lemon, harissa (GF/V)

Shakshuka 15
two poached eggs, ‘matbucha’ sauce , chickpeas, harissa (GF)

Cowshuka 24
grilled skirt steak, poached eggs, ‘matbucha’ sauce , sautéed spinach, chickpeas, harissa (GF)

Shawarma 17
chicken, bits of lamb, charred onion and chickpeas served on hummus (GF)



Lamb Kebab 17
black babaganoush, grilled onion, tomato salsa, served in a pita

The Fish 26
beets purée, Greek yogurt, grilled veggies salad

Chicken Tagine 21
bone-in, couscous, butternut squash, chestnut, apricot, ras el hanut, cranberries, and black garlic spread

Ribs de Berber 25
5 hours braised short ribs, risotto-style freekeh, assorted wild mushrooms

Grilled Wild Salmon 24
chickpea stew, grilled artichokes, kalamata, spinach, tomato salsa, yogurt (GF)


Stobi Vranec (Macedonia) Vranec 9/32
dry, full bodied,earthy plums, sour cherries, all spice, tobacco, balanced acidity

Côté Mas Rouge (France) 45% Grenache Noir, 25% Carignan, 15% Cinsault, 10% Merlot, 5% Syrah  10/40
on the dry side, medium bodied, jammy berries, blackcurrant, chocolate flavors (1 liter)

Le Chapeau Pinot Noir (France) Pinot Noir 9/36
ruby in color with hint of cherry

Little James Rouge (France) Grenache 11/40
lush and full bodied, spices from the souk, red berries, gingerbread

Seguin Manuel Bourgogne Rouge (France) Pinot Noir 58
hints of lavender and strawberry in the nose. on the palate, dry, well balanced with loads of cherry, earthy lingering finish

Massaya Terasses de Baalbeck (Lebanon) 40% Grenache, 40Cinsault, 30% Grenache15% Cab Sauv, 15% Mourverde  54
mulberry, subtle oak, spicy, very rich, textured red berries, savory fruits, very fine

Monti Guidi del Carmine (Italy) Montipulciano 40
dry and smooth with light tannins, coffee and spices, blackberries, vanilla

Vino Budimir Triada (Serbia) Prokupac 48
medium bodied, balanced, raspberries, red currant, tobacco, eucalyptus


Celliers les Dauphins (France) 10% Cinsault, 80% Grenache, 10% Syrah  9/34
fresh, fruity, polished feel

Rose Massaya (France) 40% Cinsault, 30% Syrah, 30% Cab Sauv  11/42
light bodied, ripe strawberries, good minerality, spicy finish


Stobi Zilavka (Macedonia) Zilavka  9/32
dry, fantastic acidity, citrus fruits, green apple, long mineral finish

Cote Mas Blanc (France) 35% Grenache Blanc, 25% Vermentino, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Sauv Blanc 10/40
semi-dry, citrus, grapefruit, easy-going, well balanced acidity (1 liter)

Celliers les Dauphins (France) 65% Grenache, 15% Marsanne, 10% Clairette, 10% Viognier 9/34
clean and crisp, hints of tropical fruit, gentle notes of ripe peach

Vino Budimir Tamjanika (Serbia) Tamjanika  40
good acidity and minerality, peaches, apricots, pears

Bernard Defaix Petit Chablis (France) Chardonnay  12/42
mouth watering acidity with a mix of yellow orchard fruit. rich, round, with textured flavors

Reverdy Ducroux Sancere (France) Sauv Blanc  56
a fine aromatic expression of ripe citrus fruits, well-balanced and dry

Ravines Dry Riesling (New York) Riesling  44
white flowers mingled with pear, apple and citrus notes, mineral finish and a vibrant acidity


Zardetto Prosecco (Italy) 95% Prosecco, 5% Chardonnay  9/35
semi-dry, light bodied, dry pears, green apples, citrus fruits, mineral finish

Andre Delorme de Blancs Brut (France) Chardonnay 9/35
scents of pear, brioche, citrus and toast. clean crisp dry finish with aftertaste of pear, baked bread and citrus.




Purple Haze  blueberries, red vermouth, homemade raspberry lavender syrup, rose 12

Great Lawn  camomile wine, white vermouth, blanc de blanc, cucumber, lime, rosemary smoke 15

Aperol Spritz  aperol, prosecco, seltzer 12

Mosquito  moscato, sake, prosecco, splash of lime 11

Ginger Spritz  prosecco, unfiltered ginger ale, ginger, lime 10

Zizi Royale  prosecco, pomegranate wine, lemon, pomegranate molasses 10


Goldstar Amber Lager, Israel  8

Brooklyn Lager Williamsburg  7

Pilsner Urquell Czech Republic  8

961 Pale Ale Lebanon  9

Sam Smith’s IPA England 10


Ama Bionda Honey Ale, Italy 10

Sam Smith’s Organic Cider, England  10

Sam Smith’s Organic Apricot Ale  15

Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider local  9

—Ask your server for a list of non-alcoholic beverages—



Menus are subject to change.  (V) Vegan | (GF) Gluten Free | * Can be V and/or GF



with soup or salad

Lamb Kebab Pita 13
koftas, black babaganoush, veggies

Shawarma Wrap  11
chicken, hummus, onions

Falafel Wrap 9
tahini, pickled cabbage, tomato



Charred Beet & Lentil  11
finely chopped root veggies, raw tahini, silan (GF/V)

Fattoush 12
fresh and roasted veggies, feta, za’atar, pita croutons

Labane Za’atar 12
labane cheese za’atar, fresh summer veggies (GF)


 BIG ZI’S (12)

with soup or salad

two poached eggs, ‘matabucha’ sauce, chickpeas, harissa (GF)

Zizi Hummus
grilled beets, onion, zucchini, chickpeas (GF/V)

grilled tomato, warm ground chickpeas, tahini, lemon, cumin, parsley (GF/V)

chicken, bits of lamb, charred onion and chickpeas served on hummus (GF)

Chicken Tagine
bone-in chicken, ras el hanut, chickpeas, Israeli couscous



Hummus 5

Tahini 5

Crazy Baba 5
babaganoush, feta and basil with grilled pita bread

Grilled Beets 6
grilled beets, feta cheese, honey dates (GF)

Black Cumin Cauliflower 6
cauliflower on tahini with tomato salsa, sumac and black cumin seeds

Fries Armada 5
with smoked Spanish paprika and lemon aioli

Shishito Peppers 8
white beans, harissa aioli

Soup 6



Cowshuka 18
grilled steak, poached eggs, ‘matabucha’ sauce, spinach, chickpeas, harissa (GF)

Grilled Wild Salmon 19
chickpea stew, ras el hanout, labane, grilled artichoke, smoky tomato salsa

Ribs de Berber 23
slow cooked short ribs, risotto style freekeh, assorted wild mushrooms

Ribs de Berber 23
slow cooked short ribs, risotto style freekeh, assorted wild mushrooms

Grilled Wild Salmon 20
sauteed spinach, white bean salad, grilled tomato


Menus are subject to change.  (V) Vegan | (GF) Gluten Free | * Can be V and/or GF 


 15 Prix Fixe: Includes complimentary appetizers and your choice of main


 20 Prix Fixe: Includes complimentary appetizers and your choice of main, coffee or tea, and a mimosa

Mediterranean Breakfast
omelette, Greek yogurt, fresh salad, home fries, merguez or cured salmon, smoked paprika aioli

French Toast
challah, shredded halva, silan, toasted walnuts, date yogurt, fresh berries

tomato stew with two poached eggs, chickpeas, harissa, and tahini (GF)
add maragez . . . 3

Shawarma Plate
chicken and lamb, charred onion, chickpeas, served on a plate of hummus (GF)

Charred Beet & Lentil
beets, lentils, silan, and raw tahini, finely chopped root veggies (GF/V)

*Fattoush Salad
fresh tomatoes, roasted red peppers, feta, pita croutons, kalamata olives, za’atar

Eggs Armada
poached eggs, cured salmon over a crostini, served with fries and a smoked paprika aioli

Challah Sandwich
omelette, charred veggies, harissa, tahini

Side of Home Fries (+4)